This folder contains releases of my scripts and programs in packed form. If you'd like to browse the source of some scripts directly, go to the source folder.
    name asc type size date description
source <DIR>25 items19-01-10 contains the color-coded source code of some of the programs here
download zip 11.5 KB 19-01-10 latest Version of Botproof Email (3.0)
download zip 9.4 KB 19-01-10
download EasySMTPConnection.jar jar 11.8 KB 19-01-10 an easy to use Java SMTP client class
download zip 22.1 KB 19-01-10
download gpl.txt txt 17.6 KB 19-01-10 the GNU General Public License, which applies to most of my programs and scripts
download iCalSplit.exe exe 365.3 KB 05-02-10
download zip 16.6 KB 19-01-10 (german) eine Rezeptdatenbank für den lokalen Webserver
download zip 11.7 KB 19-01-10 PHP mailing list script which acts like MAJORDOMO
download list_readme.txt txt 3.0 KB 19-01-10 readme file for PHP mailing list
download mausolizer.jar jar 52.0 KB 19-01-10
download zip 903.2 KB 19-01-10 latest version of MovieLauncher (1.01)
download zip 818.1 KB 19-01-10 source code of MovieLauncher 1.01
download zip 10.6 KB 19-01-10 msql version of the mysql database tool
download zip 549.7 KB 01-02-10
download zip 43.9 KB 19-01-10 latest version of nntp2rss
download PHP_vCard_20.tar.gz gz 8.9 KB 19-01-10
download zip 9.3 KB 19-01-10 latest version of PHP vCard class (2.0)
download pixma_cd_label.cdt cdt 14.7 KB 19-01-10
download popplet.html html 174  B 19-01-10 Popplet demo page
download Popplet.jar jar 78.9 KB 19-01-10
download popplet.jnlp jnlp 757  B 19-01-10 Popplet Java Webstart
download Popplet_javamail.jar jar 45.6 KB 19-01-10 binary distribution of Popplet, including necessary classes from JavaMail
download Popplet_source.jar jar 26.1 KB 19-01-10
download zip 12.9 KB 19-01-10 latest version of Pseudo-cron
download RBLChecker.jar jar 3.7 KB 19-01-10 an easy to use Java class to check mail servers on realtime blackhole lists
download zip 205.6 KB 19-01-10 AutoIT-Skript, um in Google Earth Kartenausschnitte zusammenzusetzen
download SnailProxy.jar jar 9.8 KB 19-01-10 lets you simulate a slow modem connection
download SnailProxy_source.jar jar 6.2 KB 19-01-10
download zip 30.4 KB 19-01-10
download SplashBitmap.jar jar 7.6 KB 19-01-10 Java class that displays a bitmap as a splash screen, can be configured for timeout, click etc.
download zip 9.3 KB 19-01-10

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